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Minnesota’s one and only Gull Dam Beer!

Looking for a restaurant or bar serving Gull Dam Beer:  Gull Dam Beer is currently on tap (or has been seen on tap) at the locations listed on the map below. If your favorite watering hole does not yet serve Gull Dam Beer, ask them to get it!

Need some Gull Dam Beer in cans? It’s about Gull Dam time! Gull Dam Brewing has released its first batch of 4-packs in colorful 16oz cans. Gull Dam Raspberry Wheat is available for off sale purchase in liquor stores in the Brainerd Lakes Area as well as in the Twin Cities. If your local liquor store does not have it, put in a request. They can easily order it for you!

Having a party and need a Gull Dam keg? Just ask your local liquor store, our distributor can easily set up delivery. Some liquor stores have already been established as outlets for Gull Dam Kegs and are also located on the map below.

Gull Dam Brewing. Great times and exceptional craft beer!

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