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Gull Dam Beer is currently on tap or has been seen on tap at the locations listed on the map below.

Need a Gull Dam keg? Just ask your local liquor store and our distributor can set up delivery. Some liquor stores have already been established as outlets for Gull Dam Kegs and are also located on the map below.

Taste our hand crafted Gull Dam Beers.

What makes our Gull Dam brew better? First, unlike other breweries using chemically treated city tap water, Gull Dam Brewing uses well water deep from the pure underground aquifers of Gull Lake. Second, each of our brews has some locally harvested Minnesota ingredients from hops and honey to maple syrup and hemp seeds. Finally, while other breweries filter their beer to increase clarity, we do not filter our Gull Dam brews. Filtering may increase clarity, but the unfortunate resulting consequence – filtering reduces flavor. Gull Dam Brewing has a top secret method of processing our beer without using a filter, yet beholding to delicious flavor and amazing color and clarity. (Almost sounds like a diamond commercial.)

Gull Dam Brewing. Great times and exceptional craft beer!

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